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RHBP - Liquid Bio Fertilizer

₹430.00 ₹380.00

100% Organic . Mineral nutrition are extracted from plant source.

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria-IFFCO

₹110.00 ₹100.00

Phosphate solubilizing bacteria are beneficial bacteria capable of solubilizing inorganic phosphorus from insoluble compounds.

Trichoderma viride- GUARD

₹200.00 ₹190.00

Biological fungicide,. It controls soil and seed borne pathogen and improves the growth.

BT - Larvicide-GREEN HEAL

₹600.00 ₹599.00

Effective against larval stage of many lepidopteran pest.


₹120.00 ₹110.00

Rhizobium Biofertilizer is a powder formulation of rhizobium. The bacterium in symbiotic association with leguminous crops is competent of fixing nitrogen