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The following privacy policy describes how your personal information is collected and shared when you visit or shop on our website.


   We, Agroneeds are well aware of the importance of protecting personal information (“Personal Information”).

1. Obeying the Laws and Other Laws

We will strictly comply with the "Protection of Personal Information Act" and other laws related to regulations, guidelines, industry self-regulation and internal laws, etc.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

We will get that personal information in the most appropriate and legal manner.

3. Using Personal Information

  We will only use Personal Information for official purposes that have been officially announced in advance.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Other Persons

Except as provided by laws and regulations, we will not disclose personal data to any third party without the prior consent of the person to whom it relates.

5. Personal Information Security Control Measures

We will work to keep your personal data accurate and up to date, and delete any unnecessary personal data without delay, on a daily basis.

6. Disclosure, Correction, Termination of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

We certify that the owners of Personal Information have the right to request disclosure, correction, suspension or deletion, etc. For their personal data, and we will try to respond correctly and promptly to any such request.

7. Organization and Structure

1. We recognize that proper management of personal information is our responsibility to communicate.

8. Personal Information Compliance Compliance Program:

          In order to implement these policies, we have developed a compliance program to protect our Personal Information and will keep our employees and other stakeholders engaged, striving to effectively manage Personal Information through continuous review and development.