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₹1000.00 ₹649.00

Cost effective way to add nutrients to the plants,it encourages color and the plant growth,also improves the shelf life of the produce.

Garden shears scissors

₹599.00 ₹399.00

Leaf cutter,Best for Pruning and Gardening


₹800.00 ₹479.00

Encourages growth of shoots/leaves and also increases shelf life,Easy to use water soluble form.Rich in all essential plant nutrients

Grow-cal d 3 calcium tonic


Grow-cal d 3 calcium tonic for cattle , birds,poultry ; farm animals.

8005 Falcon sprinkler


This sprinkler used to sprinkle water through out the greenhouse

Hand trowel

₹180.00 ₹172.00

Used for planting seeds , loosening soil , fertilizer application etc

Philips 125 watt Mercury vapour lamp


Lighting color is cool white .It can be used to heat green house in Hitech farming

Growel Immune Booster Immunity & Growth


An immunity and growth tonic for cattle, birds & other farm animals. Poultry feed supplements.

Gardening hoe

₹599.00 ₹329.00

Highly durable and best companion for ur garden

Ammonium chloride

₹500.00 ₹299.00

It is crystalline salt white,Highly water soluble and midly acidic.Inorganic compound NH4Cl (Ammonium Chloride).It is also known as salt of ammonia.

Biodegradable plastic Mulch sheet

₹190.00 ₹145.00

width of the sheet 1.5 m,length is 800 m, thickness is 50 micron

Polythene grow bag

₹780.00 ₹560.00

Pack of 4 , 12*12 size . Can grow leafy vegetable plants. Thick bags. High shelf life